About Us

We are proud to introduce our new company name in the name of “Mohandesi Bazargani Joyandegan Danesh Ofogh Sabz”. We have a trading office with a honorable chronicle in the casting industries, and We provide most of raw materials at competetive prices in this scope; our main dealing includes: carburaisers, petcokes, graphite families, activated carbons, graphite nozzles, ceramic foam filters, metals, ferro alloys, sand blast, non-ferrous, artificial graphite, natural flake graphite, anthracite coal, termal coal, wood coal, and etc. we have a rich experience, and reputation in this arena which we have been operating for eight decades in this industry; moreover, there has been numerous contributions with vast kinds of producers. Our purpose is to have a safe business with each unit in related industries. “we trust in God”